Antique Mum Available!

Chrysanthemum ‘Single Korean Apricot’
This is an antique mum, that was given to me many years ago. It came from an older home on the North Shore. I could never identify it, until now, because similar heirloom mums bloom earlier. These older mums are extremely hardy, they are very “airy” in the way they grow, instead of the tight plants of today. It blooms the end of October, for many many weeks, and can stand a hard frost! The buds are reddish orange, open up to a coral pink, and then to pink. Great cut flower!

I have had one of my growers propagate this gorgeous Mum.  It is a welcome sight, at the end of October to see something blooming before the long winter sets in.

Call to place an order – quantities are limited.

Three Generations of Watering the Garden


Looking Forward to the First Blooms in Spring!

Helleborus 'Midnight Ruffles'Helleborus (Lenten Rose) can bloom as early as March!  It is the earliest blooming spring flower and usually blooms sometime during Lent.  After this long, cold and snowy winter, these little beauties are probably at least 12-18″ under the snow in my garden.  But not to worry – although we have had a lot of snow, the snow cover is keeping the plants under the ground at a constant temperature.   The snow is nature’s perfect blanket.

Narcissi 'Jetfire'Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ is a bright and welcome sight in the Spring.  ‘Jetfire’ is a smaller Narcissus, with narrow foliage. Narcissi 'Minnow'Narcissus ‘Minnow’ is another small and cheery daffodil!

Getting Ready for Spring!

It seems as though Spring will never come!  This has been the longest, snowiest and coldest winter in recent memory.  Some days it seems as though the snow will never melt.  However, Spring is actually not too far away.  If you are thinking longingly about Spring and Summer like I have, now is the time to consider making some changes to your garden, or creating a new garden!  If you’ve been frustrated with how your landscape looks, you may want to consider making some changes.  Many times just a few removals and additions can make all the difference!

New, heirloom and rare plants can be a new and exciting addition to your landscape.